tonyte will be the new year eve celebration..
me + several of my fwens decide to celebrate it @ genting highland..
but due to some problem, we cant go there (duit lah tu + hotel pnoh) =P
but theres another plan; plan A pindaan 2B..
which is sambut on top of the hill kat gombak ni, which bob duduk situ..
so nmpk panorama satu kl..jelas gile..
sjuk pun sjuk..
genting pun nmpk dr situ..
but then..xtaw jd ke x..
but, shes not here.. ='(
blek kg katenye..



aNn fArhaNaH said...

alahai..ciannyer Xdpt celbrate dgn gf...hikhik

ekieqin said...

smbut atas katil je r

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