kehadapan bunge kuh =) :

u made my life wonderful, every single moment of it,
each n every time i hear ur voice, it really means alot for me,
i miss ur smile, i miss ur laugh, i miss ur madness, i miss all about u !
im sori if i made ur life tunggang terbalik like u said in ur blog..
but we made it through together, holding hands.

even at this moment, i had to wait 90days +,
i will n u know i will, coz i really wun it.
like ekin said in ur blog, knowing u is the best things ever.
the war that we battle togehter, the night we've been through,
every single moment is delightful.

bunge kuh,
bia lah bm mu gile, bia lah otak mu sewel seketika,
bia lah pe juge bentuk rupe mu, kuat mkn or pemalu mkn bile dpn sy =P
i will always said that word, I DO