credit: tulisan ann; my quote

should I? or should I not?
did her? or did her not?
am I? or am I not?


who am I?why Im like diz?how long will Im gonna be like diz?
I do luv u..but im waiting for u answer..
but at the same time..i already know u answer..
its been a while since ur last voice being heard..
its been a while since ur last call appeared on my screen..
n its really been a while since i saw u face to face..


now, bout 2months to go for ur big moment n im waiting for it..
I wish u a best of luck since diz will be out last contact..
You know how i adore u after u really gave me inspire since dier cheat on me..
You know I'll wait for u no matter what you did or said to me..


tp wut happen today, u wont even remember i guess.
i wait for ur call, ur sms n i even wait for u at where-youre-suppose-to-go from 10am-3pm..
even when i need u, ur not there for me..i dun mind at all..
but plz, dun cheat on me..tell me the truth..
i really need the truth..

this is for u..


shiqin ghazali said...

mcm puisi vrsion english jerk~

deeb said...

yg dot2 kt atas tu tuk fill in the blank er?

shiqin ghazali said...

haaa.... fill in da blink~ ahahaa~

cik EPAL said...

chill babe ~ ;)

lily fadzleen. said...

we need to talk care baek!

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