2 0 0 9 - T H E P A S T !

turn to 21 years old; mari mengundi ! haha ^_^
1st time work in a company; MMC OIL & GAS SDN. BHD.
WIN paintball 6's competition
join delegasi ANSARA TERENDAK
alhamdulillah, tamat Diploma in System & Computer Networking
register masuk University kembali in Bachelor Engineering (Hons.) in Techology of Networking System
busy "theater"-ing :)
tekanan duit raya dpt $15 je :(
join ARIES for the Business IT Case Challenge 2009
meet tons of new great friend !
broken hearted sbb dier + dier, terima kasih anda ber2 yg sy taw anda bace blog ini!
saket & admitted ke hospital 3x sepanjang musim 2009
atok admitted ke hospital, sudah 2minggu till this post being released, atok cepat sembuh plz~ :(
proposing a charity event with a concept of cultural exhibition for intervarsity
meet a nice lady, a friend of Afra, my college friend . . shes nice :)
not a good sem for me, need to improve myself !

2010 - T H E P R E S E N T F U T U R E

improving my self to the best !
going to start the charity event ! RM40k on the line insyallah !
d80/d90/d3000? *saving?*new hp replacing my 5years old hp?
eager to save at least rm100 per month ! huh~
need to shop for myself, especially new jeans & shoes - last bought if not mistaken is on july 2008 lalalala~ old skool~
gonna start a new income generator, business perhaps? :)


lily fadzleen. said...

yes! im reading ur blog.
nway sorry.
doakn yg terbaek untk u!
hope atok cpt sembuh!

enjoy k with urs.

afrataidinbandaran said...

meet a nice lady, a friend of Afra, my college friend . . shes nice :)??

nih OLYN ke sy? LOL

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